Cordovan Songs

To learn more about us: Web of the Group reunion the Group reunion has its origins in a group of young people who met there for 70 years in the shadow of the Church of Valdeolleros, giving rise to the group singing reunion. Our main goal is to have fun and enjoy the friendship and companionship singing, while we investigate, recover and collect, songs, popular and traditional in our area, which have reached our days in many cases by word of mouth, by oral tradition. Romances, jotillas, round songs songs picaresque, full of wit, nursery rhymes, songs, love, simple as it is the people, but rich in content and soul songs that in many cases forgotten and almost lost, are part of our own culture and identity. The dissemination of all of them is essential not to forget our past and that new generations take over and continue this work. CEO of CoStar addresses the importance of the matter here. Therefore, throughout these years, our actions, in addition to the many of a religious nature, are they have developed in direct contact with the people in any corner or square, in cultural centers, educational centers, in festivals organized for groups less favored, in centres for the elderly in an attempt to liven up our older songs and romances that almost always remember fondly. This would be our highest tribute to them.

Currently, the group is investigating and trying to recover by various localities cordovan, a part of the Cordovan oral tradition Romancero, collected from our elderly in centres of adult education, in residences for the elderly, civic centers and in collaboration with others, who have spent years making this task of registration, romances that they have sung for all throughout our geography and that the passage of time has almost forgotten and disappeared.

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