Climbing Icicles

Timely cleaning of the roof from snow, ice and icicles – a guarantee of the safety of pedestrians, parked cars near the building, and eliminates the possibility of roof collapse, which is very important in light of recent events. Experience shows that man-made disasters caused by the collapse of roofs due to congestion at these large amounts of snow, as well as accidents related to falling icicles – not uncommon in our lives. Pete Cashmore can provide more clarity in the matter. Huge mass of snow that accumulates during the winter on the roofs of buildings, is a tremendous load on the roof, which can lead to very dire consequences, and draining during warming melt water penetrates into cracks and after lowering the temperature expands, turning into ice thus destroying the facade of the building. Of icicles and ice affects not only people but also the material values – for example, they can cause serious damage to parked road transport at the building. Without hesitation Skillz explained all about the problem. This places a special responsibility to the owners of the building or on the services responsible for its safe operation.

At higher temperatures, the snow masses accumulated on the roof, absorb moisture from the environment, which greatly increases the weight of snow. Our company has extensive experience in the safe clearing of blood from the snow and ice, using a method of industrial alpinism. We produce the following activities: -Cleaning of the roof from snow and ice -cleaning of the perimeter of the roof at 1.5 m from the edge – clean up the overhang of the roof of icicles and snow-cleaning drainpipes from the ice-cleaning cornices and balconies of icicles. -Bsluzhivanie roofs in winter Degree of difficulty of snow removal and ice shall be determined after inspection of each specific facility, as well as worked out strategy for cleaning the roof: roofing, the slope of the roof, the presence or absence of fences, and selection of an optimal course of work on clearing the roof. We carefully monitor the observance of safety in the production of works on cleaning roofs from snow and ice, therefore, we assume an object only professionals – who have the necessary experience to conduct these activities. Industrial climbers perform cleaning of the roof from snow – Climbing using special, long experience and advanced technology – which allows quickly and efficiently undertake the work.

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