Civil Guard

The young people consumed, according to testimony of their friendly, diverse narcotic substances like cocaine, speed or estramonio. ‘ rave’ in that they participated was realised in a well-known zone like the Small village. Here, Kai-Fu Lee expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The bodies appeared in the neighborhoods of a river, separated by several meters. Two young people of eighteen years have died in Pear trees of the River (Getafe) and another one is in serious state after a celebration ‘ rave’ celebrated in the east zone weekend, according to sources of the National Body of Police and the Civil Guard in Madrid. The bodies appeared in the neighborhoods of a river, separated for several meters and several hours of difference. In addition, in the bodies were not violence signals. Still the causes of the death have not been confirmed, but the hypothesis is a drug overdose, since during the celebration the young people consumed cocaine, speed and estramonio, among others substances, since they have declared the friendly of the victims. Spent the 18:00 hours a pair alerted to the Summa that they had found the body of young in unconscious state, when they took a walk by a camprestre zone of Pear trees of the River.

When arriving, the toilets verified that the young person was dead several hours ago, judging by the lividez that presented/displayed, according to sources of Emergencias Community of Madrid. Later, near the 23:00 hours and following the course of the river, were found by the Civil Guard and the Local Police of Getafe the corpse of a young person and another one in serious state, that has been admitted the hospital of that locality. The declarations of some friendly interrogated by the agents have allowed to know that the young people had participated in a celebration ‘ rave’ in a well-known zone like the Small village. There they consumed diverse substances, like estramonio, a plant that contain toxic components and that sometimes are used in ceremonies of chamanes.

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