Blood Is Thicker Than Water – Even After 100 Years Of Separation

“The women of Janowka: A volhyn family history in the fact-based novel the women of Janowka” the author Helmut Exner retraces the life of his ancestors. He ends up doing in a present he didn’t know so far. Across continents, he finds the descendants of his family, which has been torn apart long ago. This, he notes that the common heritage is strong. External similarities of character traits up to eating habits, there are striking similarities even after a hundred years of separation. For decades, the people in the wolhynisches village founded by German Janowka in peace and prosperity. To live together in good agreement with the Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and Jewish neighbors.

The wind turns Nicolaus II, as Tsar. At the end of the 19th century the Germans due to the large political weather situation that makes life difficult. More and more settlers left the country in the direction of Prussia or North America. Those who remain, experience the hell after the outbreak of the first world war. Two hundred thousand German Wolhynier are deported to Siberia. The survivors of this exodus may return after the war, but feel no longer at home in their homeland. Everyone is trying to leave the country. Also the family Exner is torn.

Some others go to Poland after Germany. Most are trying to get to Canada. Four strong women, which separates the fate and sent in different directions, trying to ensure the survival of the family. The book is written in the style of an exciting family saga and gives insight into the hardly known historical contexts of the last hundred years. In spite of all tragedy of what happened and a relentless story, the book is a tribute to life. Bizarre events and hearty humor shape people as much as war, persecution and tragedy. At the end of the book the reader, as well as the people in the story is reconciled with God and with the world. Helmut Exner the women of Janowka a volhyn family history novel 256 pages, 12 x 18, 5 cm EPV ISBN 978-3-936318-89-0 Helmut Exner, born in 1953, is a qualified bookseller and works in the publishing industry for decades as a sales manager, product manager and now as publisher of a book publishing house. In addition to the professional approach to texts, he repeatedly writes posts in newspapers and books dealing with topics from art and music for many years. Furthermore, he has worked on biographies and written short stories. The women of Janowka”is his first novel. Sascha Exner

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