Bio Gas Substrates, Pellets And Wood Chips At A Glance

Report lists free biomass price development on the market for biomass in Northern Germany is growing weekly. The number of plants that use appropriate materials for energy production, increases the number of prospective buyers and providers. For traders who manage their sales or purchases previously in the closer regional environment, it is therefore increasingly interesting to know also the prices outside their region. With the biomass report is now a medium available that fill this information gap. Each week, the report lists the current average prices from the regions of Schleswig-Holstein, Western Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Lower Saxony, Northern Germany and parts South Denmark. The information the initiators of the trading driving itself, using the biomass report as a tool for their business decisions.

Biomass report – Managing Director Helge Stephan, who anonymously for the report she prepared regularly sign their data. Information on important dates and background information from the industry complement the offer. Co-partner Torben Sagar Beckermann, owner of energy 2.0 Biomass agency from Kiel, has been active since 2009 as an agent for organic raw materials in the southern Denmark and Northern Germany. Operators of power and heating plants or bio-gas plants approach me, to inform about availability in the region. Seller of biomass products attract me, because they are looking for appropriate contacts. A good overview of the respective market and price developments arose from this position out of time “, explains the trained agricultural trade merchant and farmer.

“We wanted this information already available on the market players passed on: the idea for the biomass report emerged.” Together with Helge Stephan agricultural scientist he founded this biomass of 2.0 time-saving orientation aid for trade has maintained the report since mid-2011, is available on its own website and will be sent by post, fax or E-Mail to Interested parties sent out. It is understood as a market barometer and already used in the context of contracts as a basis for settlement. He is however not a binding requirement: the biomass report represents a price list. It serves only as a guide. Through the report the dealer get an overview of the current rates without own research hassle comfortably,”Helge Stephan stressed. The advantages for the users are obvious: On the basis of the reports, providers can check their current delivery with the buyer. Buyers and sellers can arrange long-term, mutually profitable supply contracts by means of a price adjustment clause. In the long term all quantity, price, quality and delivery conditions are can be formulated more clearly. The binding nature of the agreement a win for both trading parties rises. Free use of the biomass reports is free of charge. For a most transparent market overview report is the biomass the participation of many users assigned. Anyone who provides us pricing information for the report, makes a further contribution to promote trade in biomass products and to protect its own commercial interests”, Helge Stephan. We also offer the possibility to spread report their concerns about the biomass all subscribers.

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