Be More Spontaneous

So why not try to be spontaneous? How to do it. He expects that today you want to go to a restaurant? And you propose to go into amusement park – ride a roller coaster. Ask you to buy cotton candy and visit with all the attractions. How long have you been doing this last time? And along with her husband? And the next day you’re just hard-working housewife, which is This time, asks her husband to bring home a couple of bundles of asparagus avocado or a bit On the third day you’re well, come up with something new will have to yourself. Develop their imagination – it is you really need now, because the main the motto of this “role” – each subsequent day to be not the same as yesterday.

” What happens. He will never know what you throw in the next moment. Intrigue, thus you need to tighten that. Another thing is that someone such intrigue enjoy, and some do not. Is it worth it? In fact, a very risky method.

Few of the men he was fully necessary to taste. Especially if it continues constantly, day after day. The only thing that can be safely ensure that your dear wife, this is what bored him in any case will not And this is a lot! Itself. Probably, this role play the hardest.

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