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If you're a designer / programmer I recommend It is a young community dedicated and used by bloggers of all ages will find useful resources for your blog. Another Forum is recommended / forum, unfortunately the entry to this forum is by invitation only, but as a user can get information on topics of positioning search engine optimization, web pages, there is also a section of programming in which there are always questions and answers. There are probably more forums, but those are the ones I recommend, since the community is quite active, and you can perform queries without fear that you are to be treated badly. Participation in blogs is a little trickier, because bloggers are always trying to avoid spam, so the way of commenting on their blogs is. By linking the source you do is create a reciprocal link is that while the nofollow attribute, that link will be visible to readers of this post in the future, ensuring that visitors, not many, but it is a welcome visit . Another way to find blogs with the same theme of yours, is doing a Google search as follows: "your-word" + trackback This find blogs that are using "your" word "which is the term you want to promote. When you get to that blog, leave a comment and the URL field in the search box leaves the URL of your article.

Do not abuse this, it is recommended only do our best articles and no more than 3 blogs in the same week. 2. Incoming links with PR greater than 5 is the most easy, fast and above all Internet Legal sites exist that are responsible for making a study of your blog, as you say could be worth and ready, the data are not very accurate, Ranking based on the site according to all you do is type the URL of your blog or website, leave these sites do their job and you have a link from sites with PR more than 5, these links will be tracked by Google and within 24 hours or less will be indexed in Google. Using this strategy, will appear in Google very quickly, probably within 24 hours or less, the important thing is that you do not just sit there, try it with new domains. The second point is valid only for new domains, the domains already indexed in Google can use the technique of point 1 to attract visitors to your website or blog.

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