ZebNet Offers Germany

zebNet expands its services portfolio and offers immediately professional and high-performance Web hosting packages to Germany’s best Web hosting price. zebNet, an established provider of Internet and IT services expands its already extensive services portfolio and offers professional immediately under the brand of “zebHosting” and high-performance Web hosting packages to Germany’s best Web hosting price. Hosted on current Dell branded servers and in conjunction with a strong server location in England operates zebNet, a perfectly functioning and unique in Germany technical infrastructure so that zebNet in this range can offer unrivalled Webhosting packages, which are complemented by exclusive features such as E.g. an iPhone Control Panel. With the iPhone Control Panel is possible, Web hosting packages completely and by on the road to configure via an iPhone and to access completely. No other German provider offers this exclusive feature, the Web hosting this is tariffs of zebNet in contain any tariff. The Web hosting packages by zebNet included already all professional functions that must offer a modern and powerful Web hosting package today and be on the operating systems red Enterprise Linux and Microsoft Windows Server 2008 has hosted. Through the choice of these two established operating systems zebNet can meet easily also individual customer wishes.

By integrating external domains free zebNet customers can use package with the already existing domain desired Web hosting, so no more complex change of provider must be performed. This option is also great for customers who want to clearly separate the hosting from their domain. zebNet was a major concern, to put this customer desire often expressed. Install of popular applications such as Joomla, WordPress, and over 50 more will be at zebNet thanks to innovative 1-click-install a breeze, so that zebNet clients within seconds fully equipped Internet applications on their websites can make available. zebNet guarantees maximum satisfaction with its satisfaction guarantee, and also offers a price guarantee, so that customers benefit from a constant price zebNet. Through the pricing unique in Germany, zebNet can beat also offer of other providers for better performance.

By abandoning expensive forms of advertising, such as television or radio advertising, and the annual payroll and the associated savings in zebNet can offer its customers already professional, high-performance Web hosting packages for only 5,00 euro per year. zebNet the launch of its Web hosting has planned extensively and intensively fares in advance, so that they will remain permanently on the market and not already after a short time again disappear from the market. This zebNet are assured customers permanently to have an experienced partner at your side.

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