What Is Podcasting? Definition Podcast Podcasting

This word, which is relatively new even to many regular Internet users because it is first used in 2004, is one of the latest trends among environmental enthusiasts who also love music and know what is RSS and how can be used. It comes from two words: “ipod” (a famous brand of MP3 players that joined “portable internet device” as one word) and “broadcasting”, or broadcasting. The basic idea behind this term in English is the creation of abstract sound files recorded in any of the accepted formats such as MP3 or OGG, and include them in their RSS. Thus, the user can listen to these files irective online or download new podcast files that come out every day automatically from your computer to your MP3 player and take them even go hear the latest news when you want, as if they were listening directly from your portable radio. Although he initially appeared to carry audioblogs with the user, the practice spread to news programs on radio and now and by extension, name the video and audio transmissions, ie multimedia summaries. Radio Podcast “? The unwary reader might ask, is not the same, or perhaps better, take the radio with me? In an age where even phones with built-in FM radio brings the question would not be out of place. Between the first and most obvious advantages of podcasting is the ability to listen SUMMARIES news programs or talk and that is ideal for the job, a place where it is necessary to balance between being informed and not constantly distracted with extensive discussions on the radio. It also allows you to hear the news in places without coverage or radio signal. Many revolve around technical issues, reporting according to a script, and others talk about certain issues in a more informal, almost improvised, and even music interspersed. How do I get service?

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