The Power

A sudden burning such as incandescent or halogen lamps is also excluded. Outdoor lamp, Interior LED. Even if can be any forms of lamp with LED technology in principle, the classic PEAR, candles or Teardrop has not served out still long. For all lovers of the best light bulb, LUMIworld offers LED bulbs that fit into any standard ceiling, wall or floor lamp. The offer includes lamps with socket and plug sockets. In contrast to the good old light bulb, LED lamps in various shades of white (warm white, neutral white, cool white), as well as with different beam angles (from 120 to 350) are available, so that the appropriate light produce allows for every purpose.

And thanks to the low heat development of the LEDs may place now also close your lamp at the curtain or wallpaper. It couldn’t be more economical… All versions the incredible efficiency of the LED light is common: with 10 W power consumption reach roughly 80% of the power LEDs that you conserve light power of a conventional 40-W incandescent bulb. While you need to take any of the typical drawbacks of CFLs in unloading technology in purchase: LED lamps light up after switching on immediately with full brightness, are immungegen frequent switching on and off and can dispose of themselves at the end of her life simply in the household waste. Tip: Due to their long life LED bulbs are also ideal for hard to reach areas such as E.g. showcases, because until a replacement is necessary, they light many years long, day in day out. Design wonder not everyone know that LED are not only incredibly durable and economical, but also genuine design objects.

Find out for yourself! Check the bulbs on the side: bulb / pipe panels / / panels-rgb / LUMIworld neuesterLED manufacturer! Go to play it safe. LED is not the same LED at all of the benefits of the new light is there significant Differences in quality. LUMIworld offers brand products manufactured, exclusively from high quality components at very reasonable prices. Find out for yourself why other light sources not only significantly more cost, but can also be very dangerous. Here some links: Researchers warn of energy-saving lamp – ARD shocking documentary about low energy light bulbs Cultural journal NDR 20.11.2009 NDR reportage “of the nonsense of the energy-saving lamp” or “Where please is the eco-balance?

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