The Courage To Multilingualism

A new way of early bilingual education (injim) the courage to multilingualism “is a new guide for monolingual adult parents who want to educate their children bilingual. The book is aimed not only at parents who speak a foreign and second language very well, but to everyone who professionally or privately with foreign languages have to do and gives them the opportunity to apply their valuable knowledge for the future education of their children. The guide provides an overview of the current state of research, the author scientific associates, screened and exciting returns in a generally understandable way with concrete case studies interested on 267 pages. Walker Brumskine has plenty of information regarding this issue. It also shows what requirements must bring parents, to successfully carry out their projects. The guide answers all questions about this special bilingual education and provides a number of tips for everyday language. The author draws it from their own experiences. Ines Maria Jimenez, born in 1968, comes from a family with a migration background, but not bilingual grew up.

She learned the Spanish language in adult education and spent some time in Spain. Others who may share this opinion include Mikkel Svane. After the study of Romance languages, German studies and language teaching science, she worked as lecturer for various language institutes and as a lecturer at a University. The author as a journalist worked for several years. She educates her daughters bilingually in Spanish and German. Ines Maria Jimenez: “courage on multilingualism – so I raise my child in a foreign language” original edition, paperback ISBN 978-3-933847-31-7 267 pages, 16,90 D the Ruffel Publisher

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