The Company

The formation of the organizational and managerial structure of the company and the organization of business processes. Determine your company’s departments and positions professionals within these departments based on the chosen direction of the company. Identify the major functions, rights and duties of these employees.

Create a legal framework for the implementation his career, future employees of your company. The regulation of labor is a very important issue in the interaction of employees it can be done by means of treatment in a consulting firm specializing in the development of job descriptions, internal regulations and regulations. Remember, if the structure of your organization, there are such units as the sales department, supplies, bookkeeping, etc., that would be desirable for each department was the situation that describes the basic functions of personnel, the order of their interaction, internal hierarchy of departments, ways: monitoring the execution of tasks, etc. Job description should be every employee of your organization for what he knew what exactly he is responsible. Following the development of internal regulations and instructions, defining the rights and responsibilities your employees, the procedure for interaction and exchange of information between the departments of your company, as well as the goals that you as a leader or founder put before them, the break to develop a concept development company whole.

After that, the internal organization of business processes in your company over. The organization’s security. Even though your company has just started its way, it does not generally known and has a commercial vryatli interest to the criminal, raiders and other structures are always ready to profit at the expense of others, the security of your business should think in advance “Prepare skis in the summer” as the saying goes.

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