Tax System Configuration

July 7, was released a new version of the well-known to many CRM systems Quick Sales. The new version, which received index 2.2, as before combines not only comfort and ease of handling, but also new development – integration with 1C: Enterprise 8.1 Integration is possible with the following configuration: * Configuration "accountant", edition 1.6 * Configuration "Trade Management", edition 10.3 * Configuration "Managing Industrial Enterprise" version 1.2 As before, Quick Sales 2 supports integration with 1C: Enterprise Integration version 7.7 will be available with the following configuration: * Configuration "Accounting", edition 4.4 (4.5). * Configuration "Trade + Warehouse" version 9.2. * Complex configuration (Accounting + Trade + Warehouse + Salary + Personnel), edition 4.4 (4.5). Marc Mathieu gathered all the information. * Configuration "Simplified Tax System", version 1.3. Developers of Expert Systems has already begun to develop integration with 1C: Enterprise 8.1 for another, no less famous, CRM Systems Sales Expert 2. Sales Expert 2 is a more functional and flexible CRM system offers more customization to the needs of a specific user. For those who want to learn the system Quick Sales 2 closer, there is a free version unlimited terms of use. Expert Systems

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