Balanced Diet – Lose 3 Kilos

The message is to eat fewer calories and more exercise to practice. But sometimes this theory does not work. However, they are successful simple and practical guidelines. The proposed here are designed to lose 3-9 kilos and more gradually. OBJECTIVE: Lose 3 Kilos takes a third of the calories at breakfast.

A new study further corroborates the properties adelgazantesa a breakfast. In it, a group of women followed a strict diet low in carbohydrates, while others took a diet rich in protein and low fat lunch and dinner, but with a very heavy breakfast. After four months they had lost an average of 8 kilos each. The other group lost weight 6.5 kilos. In addition to the eight months that a good breakfast had lost another eight kilos, which lie in the low-carb diet had regained an average of 9 kilos. Divide the rest of calories in various foods. If you distribute 70% remaining calories in several meals a day instead of two, your body will maintain more stable blood sugar levels and feel less hungry throughout the day. Put on comfortable shoes, walk more.

It is demonstrated: to walk with proper footwear and bring a pedometer longer trips in more than 1000 daily steps. Sedentary people are just 3000 steps a day. Add to that total fat can help to year. Ideally, taking 10,000 steps a day. Do not put much food on the table. Regardless of appetite you have, the less food and drink before you see less eat. Studies have shown that we can consume 50% more calories just for that reason. One trick: try to serve the food in the dish and not full of food sources. Drink tea or water before eating. Do not confuse thirst with hunger. Drink water or iced tea before meals can help you make 10% less calories. Save yourself the extra calories from soft drinks. Calorie sugary sodas empty of nutrients and do not ease hunger. Take them or fruit juices added antioxidants, potassium and fiber to the diet. Calculate your ration of bread. If you can not eat without bread, calculates a serving (about 30 g) before every meal and limit yourself to it. Remember integral take it instead of white. Join the slow food. If you want to lose weight, eat like a gourmet: tasting, chewing well, savoring the flavors and textures. Supports the silverware on the plate every few bites. Take sips of water from time to time. Exchange comments with your partner or family. The brain takes about 20 minutes to send the signal of satiety. If you eat slowly, you will feel full sooner.

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