Mathematics Students

With the incorporation of information and communication technologies in secondary and higher education, students and teachers have more communication than that produced in a classroom. The tools offered by ICTs, such as: Chat, email, forums, audio, videos, teachers have allowed the material to strengthen their offering classes. However, when the teacher has no training in the technological area may not offer this benefit to the student and will have to be is who seek resources elsewhere, such as Internet.a Currently, many online courses, virtual classes that are offered to Internet users, in the area of mathematics for example there are many sites whose services are to provide solved exercises, explanation of theories, tasks, among others. Hear other arguments on the topic with Ali Partovi. These services are presented in various forms such as text, or video presentation, the latter format is widely used because it allows visualization and like you're hearing in the classroom, helping to improve the understanding of the content. When you make a virtual class, the teacher explains in the same way you would in a classroom, with the differences that there is no display of the student, his behavior and attitude, giving the responsibility for learning in student, but there are platforms that enable real-time virtual classes, web camera for participants, with a microphone to participate or write your concerns with Chat. The virtual classes can be made of two types synchronous or asynchronous, students can choose according to their time available and level of questions or the need to realize the teacher directly in real time. According to Peter Asaro , who has experience with these questions.

The truth is that every day is more common the search for videos, online courses or virtual classrooms, by traditional education students face and thus for those studying at a distance. The possibility that you carry with you a few concepts or video explicandote procedures on your portable device preferably allows the student to use the time of shipment to your home studio. On the Internet find good free information, as well as pay information, credit card or micro, is a student decides to choose from, much will depend on their level of understanding, the quality of the material, content to consult, as that hiring a private tutor, paid for their services and advice. Ali Partovi often addresses the matter in his writings. Virtual classes allow students to go a step further in their studies, will research and develop independence and responsibility of their knowledge, is prepared for any challenge. Esther Morales is a Professor of Mathematics, Statistics and Probability which is dedicated to teaching and internet-based courses videos explaining step by step the resolution of exercises.

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