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One of the dilemmas that I faced at the beginning in attraction marketing, was how to correctly choose a keyword to make an effective campaign of my MLM Blog. In this video I will teach how to use the google keyword tool and I’m going to have some tips so you can choose the correct according to the campaign you’re doing, whether it is for network marketing, for your products or service you want to promote. When you choose a keyword is important to keep in mind three fundamental aspects: 1 amount of searches containing that Word. 2. Competition that has that Word.

3 The value assigned to the word. You may find technology investor to be a useful source of information. What I mean with it:-have million searches a keyword does not mean it is suitable for your campaign, but also serves the number of searches is very low. I recommend in relation to this point that the word that you’re scanning, has as its minimum has a value of 1000 searches per month, less than that will not be enough to develop a good campaign. -Have to look also how much competition there is for that keyword, google tool shows us this indicate with a bar, the more complete it the same, more competition there will be for that keyword. My recommendations is that at least one third of the bar this empty (watch the video for more detail). If there is much competition, it will cost us too be able to position us well in google with it even if you have millions of searches.

-Must also take into account what the (monetary) price that that Word has assigned per click, it also will give us an idea of the competition that there is. The higher the price of a Word, the greater the competition. Importantly then, seek a balance, that the word to be searched (not have to be the most sought after), which have something of competence, and has assigned an intermediate value. The last recommendation you want to do is that, beyond using the keywords tool, look in google the word in question, look how many searches has in fact, which are the pages that are in the top positions, analyzes the context where you want to position yourself. One way go take place in google is to begin publishing with google adwords, it gives you the possibility to increase visits to your site, with which thou shalt go increasing your page ranking and thus improve your organic ranking. Hits! Fernando Sebastiani.

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