Symbols And Deities Of The Feng Shui

The Chinese ancient wisdom is undeniable. It has brought great inventions to humanity: the compass, paper, gunpowder, the printing press, are some examples that have contributed to the development of society. But not only in the area of science have left their footprints, also in philosophy and health: the traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, Chi Kung, Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Tao and Feng Shui. All these philosophical currents have become very popular in the West, especially the Feng Shui. Feng Shui is a Chinese art that dates back more than 7,000 years ago, which organizes our lives based on the forces of the universe of creative and intuitive way. I would say that Feng Shui, more that an art is also a science that applies mathematical formulae and technical methods for diagnosis and cure of the spaces in which we live.

In recent years this well kept secret, has been meatalised by throughout the West. The main reason for the success of Feng Shui is that, intuitively, all are looking for a place that will give us welfare and safety, it has been important to humans in all cultures throughout history, and basically Feng Shui tells us that impact will have our home on many aspects of our lives. There are many people who adopted the Feng Shui as a style of life, either by their effectiveness, affinity or fashion. Feng Shui was born along with the philosophy of the Tao, which was based on the study of nature and its cycles. From there comes the simplicity of its name, literally Feng Shui means wind and water. Two fundamental elements for the existence of life.

He is said that wind is the Chi and water is that contained in the Chi. Feng Shui is therefore the art of flow and containment of the Chi. Chinese culture is very rich in legends, fables and objects. Arriving to the West, Feng Shui brings its myths, deities and symbols, until then unknown to many of us. To the extent that Feng Shui became famous, also same thing happened with the objects used for the various cures of this ancient art. Some examples of symbols and deities very used in Feng Shui are: Kwan Kon, Kwan Yin, dragons, frogs, double happiness, the ducks mandarins just to name a few, were gradually taking its space in Western households, thanks to the great success of Feng Shui. How can Feng Shui help us? Improving our health, our finances, increasing our vitality. It is done scientifically proven that everything around us influences our physical and psychic balance. Everything is energy, so if we can harmonize it in our environment, we will inevitably have a better quality of life.

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