Maria Environmental Engineer Slavic Luisa

Also, a disarticulation is demonstrated of public sector (environmental organizations), as regulating being and developer of policies for the adapted handling of the resource. Challenges and opportunities This small analysis demonstrates, beyond the obtaining of a prize the following challenges: Promotion of the innovation in the enterprise sector. Although the solutions " at the end of tubo" as the treatment of pourings is key for the handling of the hydric resource, it is necessary to focus the efforts in two fundamental fronts: not to generate pourings and to use raw materials and less and less polluting substances. It is necessary that the Industry and the University abran spaces of joint operation, since these spaces are keys for the development. On the other hand, the articuladores unions must have more protagonism as of strategies and connections between the Industry and the University. The public sector is vitally important for the integral handling of the hydric resource, beyond the policies, norms and collections by the use. There is a great challenge for the environmental consultants and advisers. Because although is certain, is very important to watch backwards to see the last requirements, the last norms fulfill, it is necessary to prepare itself to visualize the future tendencies as far as technology, legislation, methodologies of evalucacin, investigation, etc. Independent of the trade union, public or research participation, the industry in Colombia must be prepared to generally approach the handling of the hydric and environmental resource by means of voluntary initiatives and strategies beyond the norm, otherwise it is not possible to be competitive in a globalised world. Maria Environmental Engineer Slavic Luisa and Sanitary ULS original Author and source of the article

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