How To Find A Job

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would pick up a newspaper to find another job. With a seemingly endless large job sites, mailing lists, corporate sites and newsgroups, job seekers have more options online than ever before. And the credit goes to growth and advances in Information Technology (IT). Traditionally, most job seekers were preferred channel newspapers and personal references. As for online procurement, the medium has come a long way in the last three years, but it remains an instrument that has only been tested in an environment rich in candidate. Whenever Andrew Schroepfer listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Along with the revolution in the recruitment of channels in the market today has four clear segments – corporate sites, personal references, newspapers, recruitment agencies and job sites. Online Recruitment has an advantage over traditional media by four clear reasons: * SCOPE * Speed QUALITY COST * of * According to The 2004 Recruitment Channel Survey result corporate sites have been slowly increasing their share of applications in the last 3 years? up from 8% to 13% of all applications.

Recruitment Executive agencies to generate 21% of direct requests, which was initially 50% of all applications. Workplaces have significantly increased their participation in the generation of more CV applications from any recruitment channel. The newspaper advertising seems to be the channel that has declined as a result? now generates less than 19% of applications for management consulting, or a fraction of what is generated in the 1990s. Personal references 9% – 10% of all applications is proof that a secure channel to a new job or career change.

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