Proactive Leadership

The wise man is poor in appearance because his treasure is in his heart. Proverb Taoist considerations in this analysis, we we specify the leading managerial, that Manager, capable of generating actions, plans to step to their creativity, strategies, innovation, vision, which favours the organization where provides its services, as to those who are under his tutelage. At present, the characteristics of the current economic scenarios show successful companies, that have been able to not only generate opportunities but know how to leverage that currently manifest is, thanks to the competitiveness, new openings, new markets. Companies, which have enjoyed a successful managerial leadership that has been able to meet the challenges, give way to its creativity, innovation, that les has would develop their skills and take advantage of what it has generated. Today more than neck, is observed as the scenarios change constantly, giving way to new innovations, dynamic commercial activities, requiring compelling managerial leaders in the use of their skills, applicability of knowledge and generators of transformations that favor the companies under their charge. Need of managerial leaders, that are well integrated to their teams, who know how to motivate their members, consider and properly use the potential of each Member, its human talent and give way to actions that will ensure development, success, competition. Contributions and opinions the graduate program specializing in quality management and productivity of the Area of graduate of the University of Carabobo, that operates in an industrial area of great relevance in the Venezuelan economy, as it is Valencia, a real industrial belt of the country, where there are a significant number of companies of different rubles, has considered very significant in the formation and training of these professionalsprovide knowledge, basic tools, according to the modern organizational behavior to the requirements of the national stage for ensure productivity, success to the company. Emphasizes its courses in its curriculum the skills of future specialists, to ensure that in the performance of their functions results that ensure achievements that enable companies, not only venture into regional, national market but do so in international markets, taking advantage of new openings that the national Government has undertaken, especially in alliances relevant, as it is in relation to countries such as Russia, China, Japan, India.

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