Eternal Topic

As we all know, the aim of innovation is to save energy and improve efficiency.let introduces me the next two kinds of mills to them from the perspective of innovation analysis.The Energy-saving ball mill is used for fine grinding operations, but also often used for rough grinding operations. The Energy-saving ball mill is widely used in various industry sectors (except to avoid iron pipes), such as, ore processing industry, metallurgy, chemicals, construction materials, silicate industry, fire, electricity, cement and other industrial sectors, energy-saving ball mill can be used to grind the ore hardness, coal or other od grind-able materials.The jet mill is a new type of dry grinding equipment. which use high temperature compressed air or superheated steam, and do the ultra – fine grinding of mineral aggregate, grading and drying operations at the same time. It grinding principle is that when the compressed air (or superheated steam) which emitted by the jet pipe nozzle in the combustion chamber preheated oil decompress expansion suddenly to the mill chamber at the speed of 100 to 200 m / s, blow the 3 mm mineral aggregate in the mine for pipe, using the high-speed movement of the interaction between mineral particles to conduct the impact and abrasive material crushing. The advantage of the jet mill is the device structure is simple, no moving parts, metal consumption, big productivity low, low power consumption, large crushing ratio, and can conduct the crushing and other operations (chemical treatment, drying and calcination) at the same time.

Its benefits in the process are: the particle size of product is uniform, too crushing particles is less, the dissociation is high, the role of selective grinding is better than the sorting index of the ball mill, pebble mill products. The jet mill products of iron quartzite by magnetic separation after the election indicators, and compared to the ball mill and pebble mill, the concentrate grade is higher 2.00 to 3.00 percentage points, the iron recovery rate is 2.00-5.00 higher percentage points. But such devices still have the structure to be improved, and have not been widely used. In summary, we can see that for meeting the tonnage is huge and inexpensive mineral aggregate ground, some of the newly developed equipment and grinding method is difficult to achieve in the short term. In a considerable long period of time, at least a short time in the current, the dominant fashion in the field of grinding will continue to be a conventional ball mill, rod mill, pebble mill and mill, mixing mill, vibrating mill and other commonly used grinding equipment. Therefore, how to improve existing equipment, tapping the potential of innovation will be an eternal subject in the field of grinding.

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