Cats are a great wonder of nature since they have a stunning beauty, they generate immediate pleasure, so that the masters of cats spend so long her cats so that they always retain that great beauty that characterizes them, therefore to keep in good shape by the cat that accompanies the home and provides companyIt is good to learn more about two of the essential parts of the cats, the mouth and the cat ears, because contrary to what many people believe or simply ignore it, parties such as the mouth and cat ears play large roles in the daily lives of the cat, so we must bear in mind that not only people need care in these areas, animal, in this case the cat, they also require care and as domestic cats do not have the possibility to make themselves the necessary care, their masters should learn more about the characteristics of the mouth and ears of the cat, care and possible diseases may have so that you call immediately to have some symptoms of disease to the veterinarian. Starting to speak, as regards the mouth of the cat, we should mention that they have greater importance that in humans since they play with her, move things, defend themselves and of course carried out the first phase of the process of feeding, so condition in which the mouth of the cat, is packed will greatly influence in their State of life and its quality, it is worthwhile to keep in mind that in smaller races must be given more attention in regard to oral health, since they are more aimed at having to eat softer foods, to present the plate, cats who have dental problems, immediately feel pain which will diminish their desire to eat and it masticara food from an improperly, what disproportionate poor nutrition and more serious is the presence of respiratory diseases because of the bacteria that is located at the mouth of cats, in regard to diseases of the mouth of the cat area the most common are disease periodontal, injury odontoclastica of the dental neck, extraction, complex gingivitis stomatitis faucitis, ideally to avoid all these and any other disease that is in relation to the mouth of the cat, is periodically cleaning of the mouth area, with products ideally designed for cats, so pasta, oral solutions, or other items, you can find to choose the best should go to the vet, is also good to go with the periodically to make cleaning of the mouth of the cat much more thoroughly. Cat ears are ears that have 32 muscles, allowing them great mobility, which allow them to hear according to the location where they are, which is called hear directionally, ears to part of being part of the hearing, serve largely to communication and the expression of their feelings, pay good attention to this area, because usually accumulates dirt in this area, which will be of great discomfort for the cat, in such a way a cleaning should be done with products designed especially for the area, which is very sensitive, because if it is allowed to accumulate much dirt in the ears of the cat, the performance of a veterinarian is needed in order to clean them. Original author and source of the article.

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