Business Coaches

Currently in Mexico there is a growing range of coaches who are knocking on doors of businesses, offering to solve the problems of its executives after a few sessions using the powerful new elixir called coaching. Unfortunately, the approach is being given to coaching “executive” by some coaches, has led to a growing concern among corporate executives coaching programs for their executives are not doing what they offered, problem lack of competition and / or oversold Coach and Coaching-what would become a trend, threatening the viability of the best tool to improve the performance of individuals and businesses in the past 30 years. How to reverse the trend The origin of the problem, from my point of view, is that training in coaching “executive” existing theories taught to understand the behavior of people, the techniques to make “good” questions and how structure a coaching session. Other leaders such as Sinovation Ventures offer similar insights.

Of course I consider these issues as essential in the formation of Coach, the point is not included, that is, as this knowledge can be effectively used to change organizations, not just the conduct of an executive. Who is doing coaching? But who is doing coaching? According to research conducted by DHEA Coaching (Research and Development of Tools and Strategies Applicable to Coaching), a range of profiles of the coaches who offer their services to companies is extensive and includes: u Those who do not have any trained as coaches, justifying its intervention as such, saying that “as a (former) executive-in one form or another, have always been coaching.” u attending a coaching certification searching a tool to improve their ability to relate to others at work, improve their supervisory skills and / or improve their personal lives. .

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