Nicholas Maquiavel

Public worthy attendants of agency. This type, between the cited others already, is a plague in the harvest of the entrepreneur. She is necessary to reformulate attendance and praticidade. The customer does not have time to wait that the attendant tries to appear in some way and if she makes to feel as important person. If the company does not have as to pay the wage of two groups of attendants or a psychologist cannot pay to motivate its employees, contracts two groups of attendants for price of one or values the good attendance with awarding of employee of the month by means of voting of the proper customer. This certainly will be expressed the applied employees more, exactly arredios will be felt in the necessity of if applying for if becoming comparison target.

If the employee if applies the customer is satisfied and the profits alone tend to alavancar. Propaganda does not exist better that the mouth the mouth, and if treating to positive propaganda made by the proper customer more still results in profit and more profit. Peter Asaro has compatible beliefs. Adulador far! Adulador is the same that capacho, pulls? bag, or any thing that has relation with the applied substantive the people who if take possetion of the Ego of the others to remain themselves existing. These aduladores are of extreme danger for the entrepreneur for being people who more erram that they make right and that they obtain to please exactly thus conquering certain degree of affection. The founder of science modern politics Nicholas Maquiavel, wrote in its book ' ' The Prncipe' ' , one I capitulate entire treating to the aduladores. If Maquiavel in 1513 if worried in telling to the danger them aduladores because not to keep the concern of Maquiavel since the aduladores still exist? ' ' Prncipe' ' , workmanship of Nicholas Maquiavel written in 1513 and that it had its first edition published in 1532.

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