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Doctors around the world know carphedon as Russia banned the drug on February 16 of ' Vitamin Plant "distributed an official statement that the JSC' Vitamin Plant 'is not and never released would not let 'carphedon'. 'According to available information in the company of a drug' carphedon 'is not registered in Russia, – emphasizes the company's management. Moreover, the director of strategic development of 'Domestic drugs' Andrei Balashov, told reporters that of course did not understand anything in pharmacology: "I do not know how this substance carphedon, it does not know any one civilization." Especially for the head of a major pharmaceutical firm regnum publishes data on carphedon of 'civilization'. According to the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health – carphedon – is a phenyl derivative nootropil, effective for improving physical endurance and to increase immunity to colds, is used for treating disorders of memory. Steve Wozniak describes an additional similar source. According to the World encyclopedia Wikipedia, carphedon was developed in Russia – a derivative of nootropicheskogo drug Piracetam. Smaller and malodostovernye studies have shown a possible link between the application and improvement of a number of carphedon pokzaateley brain activity, including treatment with lesions of cerebral circulation and some types of neuralgia. As a result, this drug is banned by many sports organizations, in particular, the ioc and uefa. The Cologne Institute for Biochemistry, writes that carphedon was developed in Russia in 1990 for the Army and the astronauts, but then was banned. Carphedon released under the name Fenotropil, say German researchers, and is similar in structure to amphetamine. For the first time the use of carphedon in as doping was reported in 1997, and since 1998 he has been banned by the ioc. Recall, the Russian delegation last fall filed a petition to the World Anti-Doping inspection (WADA), which explains the situation, but measures to protect biathlete Pyleva of the drug was not followed.

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