Warming Window

It was found that the seals can be used not only for insulating wooden windows. I remember I came to visit his girlfriend. She recently put in a flat metal door. This wow door – well, metal and massive. But I must say, the lady and me, and all home plagued remarks:. Now I know what to do, so you can slam the door as much as necessary and at the same time silently! Guess what? Correctly, you need a sealant. It is only necessary to choose the soft and thin and glued in several places between the door frame and door itself. I have myself already so done.

And another tip. At home I always handle interior door bale of polished cabinet door. My mother always resented that I was a slob, do not polish the shore and shook the handle of the old belted dress! Ugly, but supposedly safe. Watch this force did not have any. And I got special softener strike. This is the same seal, or rather his piece that fits over the handle. No breaks, no rough and it looks quite decent. A garage! As my husband and I suffered! Every winter, leaf gates froze to the concrete upopno nut.

Slightly podtaet – the water builds up between the gate and the floor. A freeze, do not open for anything. To work late, do not get to the car! Clearly, the nerves acted badly. Chisel had to beat off the ice! Thank you, smart people advised: Attach, they say, a special gasket (it is based on fixing nails). Now grief do not know. Water is poured nowhere, nothing freezes. My husband cleans the snow – that's all. Seals for the bottom garage door can be deformed in different directions, they are generally more stringent than the window, and never self-adhesive. The method of attachment of the seals found on the packaging. Not only that, we have remained a small piece of self-adhesive seal, so I told them the door of the box for shoes compacted. And then we always wide open that box! Well, I think, will fall off after a week, as several times a day it is discovered. Nothing, as long as holds. In extreme case, if and begins to lift off, it will be a small nail to grab – and order! So not such a seasonal product, these seals. But the market is easier to buy all the same in the fall and winter – every step of offering. Doors should be fine for the same self-adhesive seals, as for windows. But if you need more serious compaction, use the tube seals, similar to the section starting with. O-seals are attached special clamps that are attached to the kit, or silicone adhesive.

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