Vincent Van Gogh

My personal preference is to start my oil paintings drawing composition using acrylic paint or any water soluble oil painting, as I’ve seen recently exposed in one of the hotels in Mar del Plata, in which I’ve hosted. The most popular approach to oil painting involves decreasing the density with a little turpentine for the first coat. Turpentine is quite toxic and I’d rather avoid it. Acrylic or oil paints soluble in water can be distributed in their density with a bit of common water and are thus easier to maneuver, in my opinion. You can also start his compositions oil drawing with pencil. There are several methods of drawing that can combine with the oil paintings. My Favorites are the carbon rods and water soluble pencils. I prefer the rods that do not run as the coal dust and coal can be deleted more easily. Many writers such as Peter Asaro offer more in-depth analysis.

Water soluble pencils are wonderful because they can be applied as a common colour pencils and color can also be erased with a brush allowing you to spread. If you are a little impatient, you can test the Alla Prima painting technique. This method is characterized by finishing the painting in one sitting, instead of different layers to get to the end, waiting for each one to dry. While I generally prefer to make my compositions in layers, sometimes amuse myself with this quick and spontaneous painting method. If you are careful and patient, you might want to work with icing.

Glaze has lost his popularity these days, partly because of the time needed to complete the painting and the difficulty that implies, but the results are really unique in the world of painting. The composition is first painted with an opaque paint mono chromatic, usually in shades of gray. Once this layer is dry, apply thin layers of transparent glasead. The colors do not mix directly, but they are added in layers to get the desired final color. If you are the adventurous type, put brushes to a cost and try to paint with a palette knife series. You can achieve some interesting results with this type of paint that can not be achieved with brushes. The oil painting can be disseminated and can be removed easily. What I enjoy most of this type of paint is the tendency to not focus on the small details. I am forced to paint in a more relaxed manner that creates a more Impressionist painting style. Get a series of painting knives and attempt to complete an entire picture only using. It can be a challenge at first if you are not familiar, but it is a fun exercise. You may wish to have your box more body and texture. You could try filling technique and apply your paint in thick strokes, leaving evidence of those blows thick and artistic. Take a look at a painting of Vincent Van Gogh and you can see this technique in action. It is not really surprising that this painting technique is so popular among painters. There is much to discover in the oil paintings. It never bored trying all techniques, tools, and resources available.

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