The documentation that now becomes accessible on the website, is the work of several years of cataloging and description by the staff of the Sancho el Sabio Foundation and scanning by Gupost documentary treatment Department. The Azaloa Fund consists of 3.991 documents in 216 units of installation and more than 100,000 images of the same have been digitized. The extreme dates from this Fund are from 1882 until the year 2002 and comprises the documentation generated and accumulated by families Azaola Basagoiti and Azaola Ondarza, mostly produced by the administration of their property and for the most part by generated by Jose Miguel de Azaola Uriguen, throughout his life, mainly in the exercise of his professional career, as well as in the course of his private life. The documentation is written in several languages such as Spanish, Basque, German, French, English or Italian. Jose Miguel de Azaola was a person who by his capacity for work and his versatility spanned many fields in her professional career, was writer, columnist and businessman. He was born in Bilbao on May 6, 1917 and died at Alcala de Henares on September 8, 2007. Thanks to the work of digitizing files you can enjoy these funds carefully entered on the web. Gupost documentary treatment also performs works of custody, consulting, organizing files, editing and appointed, indexing, bleed and destruction of documents, call center, Telemarketing, print… Gupost document processing experience it is essential for carrying out work as delicate as this, collaborating with institutions such as the Fundacion Sancho el Sabio, who works to retrieve and disseminate our history.

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