Climate Hotels – The Own Forest For Climate-neutral Nights

Guests of the climate benefit forest in Panama Bonn/Rosrath now from the piece. 6.2 Hectares of forest, an area almost as large as 9 football fields, forest climate hotels in 2013 together with CO?OL in Panama back on. In this year alone, about 6.280 young trees on former extensive cattle pastures and fallow land grow to the own cooperation mixed. Climate hotels compensate this way in the hotels, not avoidable CO?-emissions. In addition to responsibility the climate hotels for nature and wildlife offer so the special service of the climate-neutral overnight guests”, without having them sacrificing quality and convenience. The sustainability of the reforestation project is verified by independent third parties and labelled as CCBS (climate, community & biodiversity standards) gold “status awarded. Reforestation partner CO?OL brings over 15 years experience in sustainable reforestation.

The climate-hotels are proud to an important project for the sake of the climate support. We think that they locally and globally must act to promote climate protection. CO? is a global gas. “Therefore it makes sense to replant there, where it can best be bound”, so Viabono business. ftsfuhrer Helge Beissert. Panama Panama reforestation area lies at the point where two continents meet, and offers a unique biological diversity.

The high proportion of indigenous tree species and afforestation in mixed cultures creates an eco-system, offering new habitats for animals as well as plants. In addition, original habitats are made usable again. Benefits for the population included in the project also for the social climate”committed climate hotels in reforestation areas. Thomas Puchan Hotel ECOINN explained: it is important that the local population of the climate protection projects will benefit and treated fairly us. The man must be considered with always, when it comes to such projects.” The project contributes to the working and living conditions in to improve rural Panama. The employees receive a salary above the minimum wage, including the statutory ambulances pension insurance.

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