Green Company Practices

To the use of renewable energy and responsible use of natural resources. Companies that integrate sustainability into the heart of its strategy, customer loyalty to the new smart. ‘It is also good for the planet, to the soul, family and a more just and ethical’, says trend researcher Faith Popcorn (USA). To all this, add the prestigious weekly newspaper Die Zeit, Hamburg, says even that has been initiated a reorganization of capitalism. ‘Serious social scientists note that changing the attitudes of industrial society, where machines of the factories set the tone for the life and work. ” In the network society today, the wired workers (the end of the British sociologist Anthony Giddens, referring to the network of workers in their fight against the tide of data) and the technostress contradict the imperative of competition and creativity that demands of modern knowledge society.

Previously it was the church people and politicians who wielded social role model. “Today is the manager ‘, says former monk Anselm Bilgri consultant, founder of the Zentrum fur Unternehmenskultur consultant from Munich, which advises the German economic elite ethical issues. To Bilgri, corporate culture of values is essential to succeed in the long term. In the case of Venezuela we are concerned, the manager must generate transformations towards its management in order to make way for a true culture humanist organizational respecting the scope of good ethics, let it be humanist organizations, where the human resources feel well rewarded, become recognized the fulfillment of their duties, they are motivated, proactive participation was in the shots decision that benefits the company should be considered, as expressed by ESADE and professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Javier Aguilar, an expert in entrepreneurship, that the humanist and ethical management, which tends to conceive the organization as a holistic, which starts from the premise that the company is an integrated whole, where all stakeholders are equally important-is the leitmotif of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Basically, it is “guided by common sense, which sometimes is difficult, due mainly to stress, fatigue and hyper, so present in most professional environments,” he says. In his view, “the more is invested in improving the working conditions of workers, the greater the commitment of these and, consequently, their motivation and productivity, which impacts positively on the final tally of results. “Furthermore,” the worker satisfaction is what enables the company to provide better treatment of clients, establishing closer and emotional connections, which are the basis of true loyalty. “Not in vain,” given that service companies are those that generate the highest added value, managers must create a culture to care for and develop all possible. “m

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