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Unsuitable content: All the article directories are in force under publication norms of subjects nonallowed. It is a censorship form benefits that us to all. For example, I do not believe that subjects as the chance games contribute real value to people, only entertainment that in the long run it can become addictive. There are many subjects on which to instruct themselves or to entertain but that really to contribute value to the people. Content nonadapted: All the directories are in force under publication norms of subjects nonallowed. He is not that it is censorship, is a form to give more exit to the subjects that contribute value to the community.

The subjects that interest are those that contribute value to the individual, nothing of subjects related to the violence and addiction by much money that can contribute webmasters. Densidad of key words: Some gurs suggest until a 4% of densidad in the key words. But it is an obsolete data since Google introduced the latent semantic analysis. The important thing is not to exceed 0.8% of densidad in the key words and to concentrate in rich and descriptive vocabulary with respect to the topic del that is spoken. I hope that this article has served like general concept of the directives to fulfill at the time of fulfilling the expectations of webmasters of the article directories. They can have other reasons, but these are the most important reasons by those than your article can not arrive to be published by the directory. The author is to bloguer accustomed to publish in article directories. You can use its experience through article Webs as directory and learn on aspects of the article publication in software of connections.

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