Lopez Fashion

While we are acting in the highly competitive economic scenarios, requires that management not only acting in the role of the modern administrative fashion, but that gives way to others that allow the passage of administrative management paradigms according to the requirements the demand scenarios. We are among those we identify with innovative management, able to take advantage of the scope, impact generated by administrative fashion, modern management techniques, leading companies in profitable markets, ensuring a good turnout, which favors conquest all actors involved and supportive of the organizational culture in which he works. Management must be identified with an organization is to produce, import items, process information, define products, research, training, production, encourage social responsibility, organizational culture, development, according to the organization concerned. ” Just before all this is reflected actions that focus on fashion.

According to the interest of effective study of the dynamics of the company, consider inviting management, evaluate, implement, if necessary. It is said that the Administrative fashion (Acevedo and Lopez, 2000:44-45) are a type of proposals that offer themselves as the great solution to the problems of administration. The contents of these proposals are based on: personal experiences of success, without a conceptualization of the same, the successful experiences in certain contexts and situations without the necessary precautions to warn of adaptability and adaptation to other contexts, the criteria of novelty , thereby incurring double fallacy of believing, first, that all new knowledge is true and, second, that because a theory contains an important truth, any prior theory is false, and lastly, fashions imposed by trade are not supported in previous research and for this reason on many occasions it is not possible to determine why they are sometimes successful and sometimes not.

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