Successful Strategy Of Leadership – The Formula: Living Balanced Leadership

“The best and safest thing is to maintain a balance in your life and to acknowledge the great powers around us and in us. If you can do this, and live like you are really a wise man. “- Euripides The balance is not a state or place we can get. The balance is always in motion. A dancer is trained and practiced the balance to be on point, a golfer balances your golf swing, a pilot keeps the plane balanced in all types of weather. Each of these examples illustrates different areas which require balance, however, each individual has a fundamental characteristic. They are focused on one objective to achieve a specific result. The balance is a skill to be developed.

In the world of high-speed frenzy of today is not easy to be balanced. There are countless events and relationships that are competing for your attention. This takes a toll on the health of anyone, career and relationships. I constantly see people who are frustrated and has not long after stress. They seek the balance. The balance is developed by elections and deciding who drives the bus.

Do you drive a bus or their decisions are based on the extension of yourself thinking about how to drive the bus? Are you willing to experience new perspectives? If no, what can you expect from the changing world around you? If yes, congratulations go deeper into the rabbit hole of his conscience. “I always do what I can do, so I can learn to do it.” – Pablo Picasso Here are some questions to reflect the balance of leadership: “That would like to be balanced? “” Where do you want more balance? “” What difference would it make a balance in their leadership? “” What would happen if things stay the same?, How much it would cost? “” What or who drives his bus of leadership? Is it a habit, self-limited his car conversation, routine, peer pressure? Pretend that your life / career is in equilibrium, what do you do and who you are? Use your imagination. At this point do not worry about the how. “Wealth stays with us a short time: only if our character is firm, not our gold.” – Euripides Remember: Everything is Possible! Francisco Rodriguez I would ask you the same question I did a few weeks ago, you’re absolutely convinced, after investigating with due care, that you may win legal and ethical manner between 20,000 and 30,000 50,000 and even by month, and then four or five years. Relax and unwind the flow of money is still flowing, without a large investment, would you be interested in that business?

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