Software Localization

A clear example of this location is in the programs made for English, American, Canadian or Australian market, countries that share language, but with different meanings for the same issue. Elevator, thus can be lift or elevator depending on where you residamos. This implies the need for different versions of the product for each country. (As opposed to AOL). If you’re accustomed to visit with multi-language websites you’ve seen that many times the text that appears is inconsistent with its environment. So you can find things as 1 comments or navigate to the title or such incongruous errors. On the subject of software localization, as it implies the correct translation of all the resources of the program or web page in question, with their corresponding menus, dialogs, alerts, environment navigation, including the need to balance the text within the field in question. On twitter, for example, as it is a topical subject, with its new translation to the Spanish We can see the Reply, which is well translated how to respond, however, the respond link overlaps the RT button, so it is impossible to perform a re-publication (or retweet) on twitter in Spanish.

This is what we would call, a localization error. To avoid errors of localization translators agency Dixit has opened a specific Department in translations of software and video games, composed of reviewers, testers, translators, coordinators under the command of the project manager, specialized in this type of work, which opens the doors to a great market until now pretty Virgin in the Spanish market. Dixit was working for free with the community WordPress, one of the most extensive online publishing software, in the translation of plugins, themes, and documentation of coexisting resources and they worked elbow with elbow with the developers to go rolling on the subject and helped locate several plugins that its authors developed in English and, thanks to Dixit councils, were able to build by separating the application language to translate it into any language.

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