Smartphones Projects

Research projects of the University provide valuable insights for automation scenarios of the future of Stuttgart, 25.07.2012. The College media in Stuttgart and the InBetween Germany GmbH, a leading provider of dynamic and database publishing have solutions, it is within their existing cooperation aiming, to invest more in innovation projects with cutting-edge technologies. In this context, HdM students explored the possibilities of automating publications with multimedia enhancements in the new Adobe-format Folio for tablets. In particular interactive elements in the focus of the analysis should be based on specific requirements such as the manual implementation of a catalogue app based on a Printkatalogs’ and the ‘automated creation of a prototype tablet version of a recipe book’. In usability, practical benefits as well as the possibilities for the automated integration of these elements in the creation of digital publications using the InBetween software were investigated. The relatively new Adobe Folio file format was by Adobe Systems for the creation of digital magazine developed especially for tablets and Smartphones. On the basis of InDesign documents in the Tablet typical high – and printing can create and enriched with interactive elements such as animations, buttons, image galleries, panoramas, video and sound elements.

Then easy-own publications for the iPad and iPhone can be created about a conversion in the Folio format. “The senior lecturer, Professor Dr. Arno Hitzges, was responsible for the specialist areas of content management, cross-media publishing and data management, the results and the existing potential for automation impressed: I was actually very pleasantly surprised by the smooth interplay of InBetween and Folio.” Also the Managing Director of InBetween Germany GmbH, Alexander Dressler took part in the presentation of the results from both projects on June 27. The presentation has interested us of course. We understand these small projects as a kind of common Research. In particular, the fact that young people quite impartially dealing with the opportunities offered by new technologies, gives us a completely different look on things again and is such a thing as a long-term trend indicator for us.” The innovation projects have become an important part of the programme to the print & publishing master developed and enjoy great popularity.

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