Secret Promotions

Since then, ad agencies agreed to share the concept of ATL (from the English. Above the line – above the line") – advertising on traditional media advertising and BTL (from the English. Below the line – below the line") – the original advertising solution, embodied in the form of promotions, PR-events. The idea of BTL-actions – a set of actions that bring together the product or service with the target audience to gain consumer confidence and increase sales of products advertised. During the BTL-actions important direct individual contact with the client, because the desire to make a purchase increases in personal acquaintance with the virtues and qualities of goods. The success of an advertising agency depends on proper planning promotions, to clearly define the target audience, great-looking promotional campaigns and training for the action. BTL-activities of the purpose of promotion includes mandatory steps: Analysis market, the definition of the target audience, the most successful venues for events and the development of specific promotional offers; selection of technology bringing a promotional offer to a targeted audience; training props, conducive to easy memorization of the image of the advertised object; Formation and training of a promotional team.

95% success BTL-actions depends on the human factor. Read more from Steve Wozniak to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The main events are the showmen promoters. For successful results apply regular training and ongoing supervision of staff. Using a whole arsenal of tools for organizing, conducting, monitoring and promotion: officials Promoters and supervisors instructions, forms, reports, photo reports, schedules. During the formation of a promotional team focuses on the qualities necessary for the promoter: young, active, orderly, courtesy, resourcefulness, sense of humor and artistry. Each successful promotion is organized by a complex. Promoters work lies not only in pronunciation of the promotional text. Promotions are accompanied by thematic trade shows, billboards, bright costumes, flyers, gifts and tastings. To support the promotion are often involved animators used outdoor advertising in nontraditional media, woven in environment (ambient advertising).

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