Saxon Hall

Competent construction and acoustic design for the Dresden Musikhochschule music Hochschule fur Musik Carl Maria von Weber opens new concert hall with the Festival. As one of the oldest educational institutions of its kind in Germany recently, the College of music has a new building with a concert hall which can accommodate 450 guests. Already in 2004 the free State of Saxony offered, Saxon real estate and construction management (SIB), represented by the State enterprise an architect competition. The planned by Shri Karan architects from Stuttgart, visually appealing building was set by Muller-BBM in acoustic and structural-physical ways in scene. The geometry in the Interior of the hall surrounding 6000 m3 is architecturally exciting designs and designed the acoustics to melodious. By planning refinements, it has become possible that the Hall meets as well the large Symphony Orchestra with choir as a sound room, such as experimental music. The modern high school is a special with his rehearsal and concert hall, as well as a commercial area of 2300 m2, Accent in the otherwise Baroque-influenced city. Architecturally unique, optimized physical and especially sound experience for concertgoers..

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