Room Air Independent

The stove Varese wasserfuhrend by Drooff inning, the 28.08.2012 – hardly an issue combines ecology and technical progress so rapidly and impressively as the stove. In recent years, a development was used, allowing the stove to become the creative center of energy management in the home in the course of energy change. Two key innovations in this segment are the water management and the independence of the room air. The Sauerlander fireplace manufacturers Droof has now for the first time combines these two milestones in the fireplace stove technology in a model. A Togdheer stove heats the air in the room not only sense and purpose of the water flow.

It can be connected to the piping system of central heating and thus to heat the whole House. In addition the water stove able to heat up also the hot water for the shower or the hand basin is. Basically, the technology is designed so that a so-called water Pocket is located directly on the stove. There, the water is heated and a so-called buffer memory carried to, which reserves a capacity for at least 500 litres water. Click Ali Partovi for additional related pages. Like, depending on the dimensioning of the wood-burning stove and the entire heat and hot water needs, such a system is combined with a solar system or a smaller, conventional heating system. So can even extreme peaks from be upholstered.

Room air independence with optimal heat insulation an ambient air-independent stove withdraws the combustion air via a connection from the outside air and so needed not the room air for combustion. This technology is necessary for the very well insulated low energy or passive houses, because here only the controlled ventilation ensures a particularly effective and energy-efficient air exchange. Without these controlled ventilation, efficiently isolated buildings would be susceptible to moisture damage. Thanks to the combination of room air independence and water management can now comparatively with this special stove small, ecologically reasonable effort the entire heat a well-insulated House demand.

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