Renewable Energy

Independent journal for renewable energy launched raised the issues of energy supply and energy policy are available in the public discussion for years at the top. Whether compromise as a consumer issue due to sharply rising energy prices or as environmental topic, because more and more cars, houses and power stations blow out more greenhouse gases and thus survival on the blue planet. In the major media, it is in the print, radio or television appears the energy issue but only whenever major events bring big headlines. Only if climate change also hurricanes, floods and crop failures with it, which costs thousands lives, report the newsrooms between Flensburg and Konstanz. So consumers, economy and politics at any time all get information, dealing with sustainable energy supply, there REjournal: a free and independent online magazine that currently and competent has the energy issue in focus. Tenants and homeowners want to know what you in the new energy performance certificate should note, investors need all this planning security for giant wind turbines at sea and solar megawatts out of the desert and much more visit REjournal. REjournal will be supported avero by the Berlin Internet Agency, which has realized the online magazine on the basis of WordPress. contact: Henner Weithoner REjournal renewable energy journal Tulip 11 D-12203 Berlin T + 49-30-34393.888..

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