Pforzheim Vehicle

CarbookPlus: a community in the trend of networked mobility Pforzheim/Stuttgart. The new online community CarbookPlus provides free services around the vehicle management drivers and car owners. It brings together interested parties and provides them a platform available, where they can exchange. By the information of the individual, the community creates new knowledge. It will be compared to vehicles, insurance, dealers and workshops, as well as provides important tips for the trip. The networking between Internet and vehicle is becoming increasingly important. It is time that this trend, an independent community platform established itself”, Thomas Widmann, entrepreneurs from Pforzheim in Stuttgart thought to himself. In 2011, he started with his team with the development of his idea.

Result is a platform that offers its members several benefits. Individuals and even businesses can manage your vehicles there. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Ali Partovi and gain more knowledge.. To remain faithful to the idea of community, the platform and the helpful CarbookPlus apps are free. Everything is easy be. The members collect information about their journeys and their vehicle, the community it can provide new knowledge for each individual Member.

Comparisons of vehicle costs and consumption, as well as dealer and workshop reviews help to optimize the driving and vehicle costs. This is all independent of manufacturing or other service providers. A big advantage that creates transparency. Also petrol price, storage, and Blitzerin formations for they’re valuable clues for each Member. These are supplied as recorded rides using GPS on Smartphones. The Smartphone transmits this data on the personal file of the vehicle on the platform. Keeping an electronic trip book is so very simple. The information around the vehicle and the driver will be treated securely and confidentially. The community has more members, the individual benefits more. And one thing is certain: more and more will follow the trend of networked mobility. To find the community at. Thomas Widmann

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