Peter Kraus Time Take Tour 2009

Big anniversary tour and new album to the 70th birthday it’s hard to believe, but Peter Kraus was 70 years old on March 18, 2009. He is almost something like a living legend still – Interestingly enough also for much younger -. Peter Kraus was in the wild fifties rock ‘ n’ roll Idol of in Germany. He was the German, of the rock ‘ n’ roll after brought Germany and played like no other. Dell gathered all the information. In winter 2008, Peter Kraus was back in the Studio to make his own birthday present. He had always been the idea of the rock ‘ n’ roll his band with modern big band sound to match. To shape this exciting sound with State of the art recording technology to an anachronistic, but yet modern pop album. He did so to work together with his own band and the renowned SWR big band.

The result is the exceptional phonograms \”Nimm dir Zeit\”. It is a well thought out down to the last detail and perfectly through arranged and produced work that the 70th birthday of this exceptional artist is worthy. Peter Kraus and his 22 musicians go with almost youthful exuberance to the factory and go beyond all love-seeking musical boundaries. \”Take your time\” is a versatile album with charm and humor as only an artist like Peter Kraus can credibly represent it and will bring in the course of the year on the stage. Soundlich of the Silberling convinced how you can safely think through his modern brass arrangements. \”Take your time\” is a colorful mix of old hits with new German lyrics and modern, new songs. The phonogram is exactly like its predecessor \”Full throttle\” the authenticity of German texts, almost all even written by Peter Kraus. He describes everyday scenes and humorous stories that close to go himself and finally also the listeners.

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