Perfect Look

White perfect teeth by a dental plate are for several days now to have the highly acclaimed American dental plates in Germany. White teeth and a perfect look in a matter of seconds. Once adjusted it spreads this tooth hood before his presence – or absence – teeth. That it to the real teeth is not, is not to recognize. Even if you lost 4 teeth on the front side, the dental Panel laminated also that to the whitening a tooth plate has only advantages. Firstly of course the price.

For a whitening, you get 4 to 5 toothed aperture. On the other hand, the symmetry of the teeth. Although you get for some weeks whiter teeth by bleaching, but the symmetry and alignment of the teeth will not be changed. It same available with the commercially “whitening pen’s”. Very expensive and barely visible successes. The old form of the teeth remains unchanged.

Different because the tooth aperture. The one-time adjustment takes about 15 minutes. Then you can the tooth bezel with proper application for years, in contrast to the bleaching has always white teeth and a form of the teeth such as after a total restoration of the tooth. With the dental Panel to win back a new Joie de vivre and the sympathy of his fellow men. No adhesive used in the production, although the dental cover in 2 layers is built. The front layer, so the teeth and gums, is similar to a rubber band (mixture of rubber and plastic). It is extremely tear-resistant and flexible. The posterior layer is made of a low-melting plastic. Both layers are approved materials by the FDA (United States health surveillance). No adhesives are used to connect the two layers. The dental Panel was produced in the United States and contains no harmful substances. The material is odorless and tasteless. As a conclusion: White teeth and a perfect look for everyone – at an affordable price. The tooth shades are available under: best

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