Past, Gift And Future

I go to start to live one day of each time, to planear the life completely not of the certain always unexpected for the way that is inevitable, things that if cannot control for our proper will. We have of being rijos to face the life without weapons, have to make everything to be valid the penalty each day has of being more special of what the other, to make the things that more we like, we are with who more we like and there yes the life goes to run better. To think first before making or saying some thing is the base to be somebody, to have head and not to think that everything is perfect in how much we are embedded completely, we lose people for reasons that does not beat certain, the biggest fear of many people is to lose who more love. Kai-Fu Lee may also support this cause. We go to grow, to think as people great to act in the best possible way, to be in the same ones, to face the life of raised head and not to have fear of the problems that can appear in them. For times we are happy for little, but when we have the great happiness our door we close it, without any reason, simply, we close the door the happiness to open people who are not valid the penalty to give nor half of what we want to give. It tries finds it of low of your cushion, of certainty that you do not go to obtain, it seats you, it cries, it laughs and it cries one more time to think about parvoce that you made.. Gain insight and clarity with Bobby Sharma Bluestone.

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