Paint and Enamel

The terms "paint" and "enamel" although quite close, but not identical. (A valuable related resource: Ali Partovi). Sometimes the difference between paints and enamels mistakenly reduced to gloss: shiny enamel, paint the same – dull. In fact, the main difference lies in the characteristics of surface films (hardness, elasticity) and their protective properties. In films, enamels, they are significantly higher than that of oil-and water-dispersion paints. At the same enamel, containing, as a rule, a large number of synthetic varnish and a small amount of filler, more decorative than paint. Enamel after drying form an opaque solid film with a different texture: shiny, matte, moire, etc. ALKYD AND Melamine-alkyd enamels Alkyd enamel – it's a suspension of pigments in alkyd varnish with the addition of driers and solvents. Films them dry at 20 C for 24 h.

The films of alkyd enamel (enamel ML-1100, ML-165 enamel) have high resistance to moisture and rapid changes in temperature, but at the same time they are not hard and not very resistant to the action of petroleum products. Alkyd enamels, light-colored, usually white, often used for paint binders windows, window sills and doors. On sale are also available, and special coatings for windows. They come in white, cream, blue and green color, and differ in that they do not drain from vertical surfaces. Paint brush, an enamel layer of 1-2. Its consumption in a single layer – 130-150 g / sq. m, length coats up to 24 hours. When repairing the car is often used melamine-alkyd enamel that form a durable, weather and benzinostoykuyu glossy film such as ML-12 enamel.

At a temperature of 100-130 C depending on the type of enamel surface dries in 20-30 minutes. Grinding the dried enamel typically reduces its luster. Therefore, the repair may only be used compositions containing wax. ORGANOSILICON ENAMEL more universal properties are enamel based on silicone compounds.

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