The effect is the same as if you bake Products in the oven, but the air in the kitchen does not heat up, and even in the summer in very hot weather cooking process does not cause discomfort. Good microwave oven with grill and convection in the presence of electric kettles and coffee house allows you to completely abandon the cooktop and oven. Why take the place of cumbersome, although familiar from childhood stove, if all – from soup to stewed fruit and pastries – can be cooked in a microwave oven? Such models to a small cafe and kitchen offices, an excellent job with its task, allowing you to not only warm the cooked food, but fried chicken or fish, baked muffin, do crunches. However, comfort requires an investment of a decent amount, and the size of the oven with convection and grill is larger than a simple microwave the same amount. Volume microwave pechiNa this option should pay no less attention than the type of microwave oven and the type of grill, because the volume working chamber depends on how many products at once you will be able to download and prepare. For one man enough microwaves to the volume of the working chamber 8.5 liters, two of them quite fit the model to 13-19 liters, and if your family consists of 3 or more people should focus on 23-32 liters. But this volume is not the limit! For those who love to invite guests, and party more like furnace with a volume of 38 to 41 liters, which fits easily into most chicken, duck, goose and even where you can cook a baked potato or a large pot of pilaf. . Gain insight and clarity with Robotics expert .

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