The reality, is pure logic. If you fill a drawer with apples, the only thing that are going to find there, is what was placed above: apples. What can be very obvious in this case, may not be so much in the journal live, therefore often surprised the fact of experiencing a different reality to that expected, without taking into account what the past was filled with. When takes a life, from the very moment in which two cells come together to continue playing in a continuous change, until the end of the same, fills of love, hate, balance, imbalance, selfishness, solidarity, fraternity, disunity, joy, sadness, company, abandonment, caresses, bad treatment, compliments, insults and much more. If that life, which could be compared to the drawer, it fills with more or less of anything, thats what is going to offer to society that develops, a person who has not been educated with excellent values excellence cannot be expected. This is the silent strategy using the millenary cultures to perpetuate from generation to generation without using teachers or specialized universities.

Just enough that parents fill their cajoncitos with what you are, with what you know to do and with their reactions to situations that they face, so that automatically, inadvertently, the cajoncitos absorbed, swell with such attitudes to be used throughout his life. Of course that everything is not so airtight, because otherwise there would be no evolution, and the proof is in that humanity has evolved through time, where some are leaders and others follow behind. That also depends on the elements that were filled. There are positive leaders who transcend as examples to follow and negative leaders, whose power does not last very long, and the majority condemns them. Fairly negative leaders, were fed with negative elements, generally were children abandoned, discriminated against, or with authoritarian parents who never were compliant with them, or with parents about protectors that They acolitaban all his actions, no matter which were. And successful people, are usually full of equilibrium between what the parents gave them and they taught them to get with sacrifice, to assess it. Hence the importance of choosing very carefully what we are going to fill and we will fill our descent, avoiding possible wrong thoughts and actions, so the universal law of attraction, we benefit, when to give us more, than we already have. Original author and source of the article

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