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Scolari, the tutorial with personal care Christmas campaign for the launch of the new Learning Center Gutersloh, 03.12.2010 – Brockhaus always further expands its range of educational software for children: on 17 January 2011, the online learning center launches Scolari for the seventh to ninth grade in all types of school. In early October the successful tutorial for children was been extended already 5 and 6 on the grades. With Scolari parents and relatives to ensure that their children receive from the first class to promote optimal: the Internet-based learning portal gives students in a playful way and in the individual form the content of all core subjects. Standing out characteristics of the tutorial is the personal homework support for children: fourteen educators are every day by phone or via the to reach Scolari Forum girl helping boys with homework and to give tips for helpful exercises. Scolari which always depends on the respective capabilities Kids out. The Learning Center from the first to the sixth grade are tailored to the needs of the corresponding grades in the core subjects German, mathematics and English.

The young visitors learn more about their current state of knowledge in individual classification tests. All lessons, tests, and exercises are matched with the curricula of all school types and grades. The experience in the Learning Center also invites the children to broaden their knowledge in addition to the actual school support in a playful way. Personal support via telephone hotline outstanding feature for Scolari is the personal care of children and parents. Girls and boys can ask their questions in a student Forum moderated by experts on school tests and homework, the answers are then visible to all visitors. The teachers hotline afternoon many educators to reach by phone that are individually guide the children, so that they themselves can solutions be. In addition, the experts give the Children about homework, tips to avoid errors in the future.

Parents are actively working with the learning portal is characterised by that the parents are actively involved in the transfer of knowledge and their child so targeted throughout the phases of life. In the world of parents’, adults Compact have the possibility to look up knowledge quickly and individually”and new to learn. Also also moms and dads can share experiences in the parent Forum, or individually to discuss important issues in a telephone conversation with experienced educators. Knowledge and education the best gifts for Christmas Scolari is the ideal gift for parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts who want something under the Christmas tree children for Christmas, they benefit from the decades: knowledge and education. Scolari is 9.90 euros a month for a child. Book equal to two licenses, pays monthly only 14.90 euro. All interested parties can test the online learning center before four weeks free. There is more information under landing/lernspass_schenken.html about Scolari / Prescolaris in Scolari and Prescolaris children go with the Hedgehog Eddie the mascot of the products on a journey of discovery. In the Scolari Learning Center practice and play school up to the sixth grade. At Prescolaris the little ones are prepare for the school. The individual abilities of the child are taken into account and promoted. Matched to the class relevant school material carries the child in core subjects German, mathematics and English. In mini test or the final exam conveys the necessary exercises, analyzed strengths and any weaknesses in the port supported by targeted tasks.

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