Movable Devices

This element is most visible at the time of designing for moving bodies. We give to consider that the resolution is very varied, from 9665 pixels to devices of 800480. For that reason our design must be fluid, that is to say that adapts to any resolution, for it we must use percentage instead of fixed dimensions. Also we must consider that there is difference of a computer, the screen of a moving body tends more to be extended, is for that reason that ” layout” of the page it must adapt to this fact. Instead of arrange the elements horizontally we must vertically make it. Limitations of memory the memory of a movable device is considerably smaller of the one than we arrange in a normal computer.

If our page is heavy most probable is than the device on passes its capacity and it is disappointed, therefore he is critical to consider this element, because we simply ignored if it our page will not work. The size recommended for a page is 7782 bytes Absence of mouse, in its place intensive use of keyboard, or screens touch. The interaction between the device and the user, is very different with respect to the computer. In the movable devices the keyboard is used mainly, in addition we have other peripheral ones, like touch screens and joystick. He is indispensable to put keyboard short cuts, to facilitate the usabilidad of the page. For this we can use: Link Uses a radio network and cost of navigation the movable devices sail using a radio network, which offers mobility to us, but is even inestrable, uncertain and expensive. The operators offer the service of Internet generally, with plans that are based on the amount of data transferred instead of the time that is used. For that reason we must try to reduce the number of pages and steps to arrive at the information To explode characteristic own of the movable devices Until the moment we have spoken of the complications that it involves to design for movable devices, but we must take into account that exist great advantages. It is for that reason that we do not have to limit to us to adapt the presentation of our page we must operate its virtues, geolocalizacin, sensitivity of direction, availability of camera, access from any place, major attention, etc. recommended Reading: Blackberry Browser 4.6.

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