Leo Tolstoy

Why? Let's poanaliziruem. Other leaders such as Ali Partovi offer similar insights. Works of great – nice, favorite way to express themselves take to begin the most distinguished and internationally recognized Russian artists: the composer Tchaikovsky, Alexander Pushkin and writer Leo Tolstoy. Who were these people doing? They were nobles, that is, people are fully secured, with government guarantee comfortable existence by virtue of their high descent. And do what I wanted to do, and in their free leisure time. Do not believe me? Read (paying attention to the unbiased this aspect), "Dubrovsky" Pushkin, "War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy, and most of the remaining works. By and large, if we analyze all the great artists, it's probably about 90% of them were people fully secured, and this software often does not depend on their art classes. ir opinions as well. These people receive most of an excellent education.

Creativity is for them to be enjoyable, a favorite way self-expression, affirmation, and often self-adulation. We have songwriters, composers, poets, artists need to earn themselves now look at how things are with us? Alas, neither of which is not something that completely, and even partial Government support comfortable existence of songwriters, composers, poets and other artists can not be considered. State (here I mean the majority of cis countries) made it very clear that it nothing to do with that "rescue drowning – the handiwork of drowning." Thus, the creative person who wishes to engage in writing music and lyrics have to earn yourself and family to life. Make music? There are two ways earning money in such a man: first – earning the music, and the second – something that is not related to her.

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