Interior Doors

Choosing the interior metal doors Russia, pay attention to the fact that they were prepared in accordance with all existing interior elements: architectural details, furniture and phyto, wallpapers, screen design. In finish interior door Italian manufacturers use a variety of techniques: lacquer and enamel, "aging of" greening, gilding, carving, marquetry, and even the technology of "French polish". Classic natural material and new synthetic materials are not so much on the mind as on the technical properties. And veneers and laminates have their advantages, and when installing interior doors, and during the operation. The main criterion for choosing the doors to the master and mistress is not the price, and longevity, durability and environmental friendliness, appearance.

Let's examine the two most popular types of coverage interior doors to meet these qualities. To begin with, that first catches your eye – a kind of door. Veneer – a classic material manufacturing techniques of wooden doors. Veneers provide a huge variety of woods, textures and colors. Veneer allows execution of inlays of complex geometry. Natural material looks solid, popular in the rich interiors of classic styles. Laminate flooring does not limit the imagination of the customer in terms of color, pattern and texture.

Coating simulating natural wood and bright colors, any degree of smoothness – of your choice. Laminate flooring can make a drawing more expressive, and the surface – a more leaden in comparison with natural materials. This economical option coverage and he enjoys the attention of buyers of moderate means. Style requires more effort to maintain security. Veneers not tolerate high humidity, cleaning is not suitable conventional means and methods. Laminate floors do not fade in the sun, calmly responds to physical effects such as scratching (with pets), humidity, dryness in the room. In addition, laminate suitable "lazy" housewife, because it does not require special care: just wipe with a damp cloth. Laminate flooring differs a great strength, though the doors of oak, made professionally, can last for centuries. A laminate, in spite of the technological complexity of processing – in essence is just paper. Product price is always a factor in choosing a buyer for the purchase of doors. Despite the high cost of wooden doors from natural wood, it is better not to save on surrogate substitutes, because the door, we buy and install than a year, and possibly for decades. So if the store you talk about the fact that the doors of MDF or particle board will stay with you for ages, you can safely go to another seller. The door of particle or fiberboard, maybe, not bad, but its not exactly an ideal name. The quality of the door, which is and will continue to determine its durability depends not only on the material, but also on the proper handling of wood. Therefore, the book room doors should be tested in large firms that operate on the domestic market of excellent quality. And certainly not apply to the firm's one-day, which lured buyers of low prices by selling low quality goods.

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